How To Create Quality Content That Will Like Search Engines

Below we will outline the basics of how to create and structure an article so that it is also interesting for large list and Google search engines. These are the most important factors according to which search engines judge whether the content is good or not. According to that, the article will be given a position.

The main rule is to learn how to structure articles to make them search engine friendly and at the same time interesting and readable for readers. Imagine this text without any structure – for example, if the article was written in one paragraph with one headline. Do you think that this unstructured article would interest you?

Take a look at the picture below. When I write an article and finish it, I always focus on getting an article at a glance. On the one hand, it looks much better than the article in the picture, but above all it is better read and it also favors search engines from other unstructured articles.

Do Not Create Long Paragraphs – Long paragraphs that are not separate are unclear, and it does not even look nice. I personally make paragraphs about 5 lines.

Do Not Write Long Sentences – Most visitors are bored if they have to go through lengthy and complicated sentences. Try to make the sentences unnecessary, be as gentle as possible.

Include Keywords – Keywords that you have previously selected, do not forget to include them in your own text. You can mark one or two keywords in bold so the search engine knows what topic to associate with the article. Do not overdo it because the over-optimized text is also not good and has similar results as the unoptimized.

The maximum keyword density for custom text is 3%. If you use Yoast SEO, then this tool will let you know how much your chosen keyword is showing.

Images – Always have an alternate caption filled in because the robot search engines can not read what’s in the picture. This is the alternative image label. Here, also, integrate your main keyword. It is not very good to pull photos from the free of charge photocopiers, since they have every other website.

Wikipedia And Other Links – From experience, I have proven that it is very valuable and exciting to add a link fromĀ  Wikipedia or another quality portal, for example, if you need to explain a new concept. Above all, keep this rule if it’s an ad article on another site. The article will look more natural than just advertising.

Content Length – Short articles in the search engine do not have much weight, the minimum length is 500 words, but the longer the article is, the better. On the other hand, everything at a rate, you do not want your readers to wake up to death.

Bold And Italic – Use word collapsing, jumping and italics . In bold type, please include keywords (up to 2-3 in content), but also the beginnings of the parts where you want the reader to engage, as all readers will usually go through the text first.

Use words or sentences in the case only in rare cases. On the one hand, thanks to these tips, the article looks better, but above all, these parameters take notice of the search engines and on the basis of that they evaluate what the topic is and whether the article is well structured.

Do Not Forget To Call To Action – If you want to make profits from Affiliate marketing or something else, you need to use Call to Action or call to action. It’s nice to have quality content, but if it does not convert some sales, it’s almost useless. Do not be afraid to insert links, buttons, banners or anything else into your text.

Try to create really good content for your readers, otherwise your visitors will leave and never return. Poor content on the internet is enough, be original and better than others, you will see results in time. I’m trying to do it myself. This article I wrote for two and a half hours to really have some value and to give you really good information.

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