How To Set Up A Karaoke Mixer

A karaoke mixer takes the sound from a microphone and karaoke machine, adjusts it, and sends it out through an amplifier. With the convenient audio controls, you can make adjustments on the fly to the volume, reverb, and levels in order to create the best sound for any given space. Best Karaoke mixers are readily available in a selection of dimensions and arrangements, however the fundamental configuration procedure coincides for the majority of models.

Choose A Location

Select a location for your karaoke mixer near your amp and karaoke maker. Choose a cool, dry spot, such as the top of a table. Avoid putting the mixer on top of equipment that heats up during operation; doing so can cause the mixer to overheat. Leave about 3 inches of space around the perimeter of the mixer to enable airflow. Connect the power cord to the mixer, and plug it into a wall outlet.

Connect The Karaoke Machine

Purchase a standard stereo audio cable with audio and video capabilities. Plug two of the connectors into the left and right output ports on your karaoke machine. Connect the other ends of the cable to the left and right input ports on your mixer. Leave the video connectors free.

Connect HDMI Cables

If you are using an HDMI-enabled karaoke machine and mixer, connect an HDMI cable to the corresponding port on the machine. Connect the various other end of the wire right into the HDMI input port on the mixer. If you have a choice in between stereo sound as well as HDMI, pick the HDMI option for higher-quality sound.

Attach Video And Also Sound Equipments

Locate the video output port on your karaoke machine. If you are using a monitor with a standard audio system, connect a video cable to the corresponding port on the mixer. Plug the other end into the input port on the monitor or television. Locate the audio output ports, which are usually next to the video port, and connect them to one or more amplifiers.

For an HDMI system, plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI Out port. Connect the other end of the cable to your HDMI-enabled television.

Connect Microphones

Plug a standard microphone cable into the mic ports on the mixer. If you only have one microphone, use the port labeled “Mic 1.” Connect the other ends of the cables to your karaoke microphones.

Adjust Audio Levels

Play a song over your karaoke machine, and verify that it plays over the speakers. Ask a friend to sing into the microphone. Set the volume for the karaoke machine to an appropriate level for the room. Twist the volume knobs for the microphone, and adjust them until you achieve a comfortable balance with the karaoke machine sound. Locate the Echo dial, and turn it up until you achieve a professional-sounding reverberation.