5 Tips To Choose The Best Pet Sitter For Your Dog

When hiring a caregiver service, we must take into account a series of very important requirements so that, both our dog and ourselves, we are comfortable with that person. In this article, we want to offer you some tips that will help you make the right choice.

1. Demonstrable Experience

Of course, the first thing is to ask for references about your experience. It is important that we ask in the park or in the areas destined to the dogs how it behaves with the animals, what experience it has, how it acts … We can also ask the veterinarian if he knows it, if his action in case of emergency is adequate, if responsible, etc.

2. Previous Knowledge

If we know the Dog Boarding service, the relationship and the period of adaptation between the caregiver and the canine will be much easier and more comfortable. If not, the ideal is that the first relationship we have with him is with our dog. Thus, in addition to assessing how his behavior is with the animal, he will recognize it and be able to be with him more comfortably.

3. Specific Training

It is not necessary, but it would be perfect if the caregiver had some specialized training in dogs. In this way you will know how to act with them when there are problems, you will know how to treat them and you will be able to identify any alarm signal.

4. Animals That Care

Many caregivers, in addition to dogs, care for other pets, mainly cats. It is interesting that we talk about the species that he cares for, that we see the space where his nursery is located, the hygienic conditions in which he is, if he has help personnel. Also, it would be important to ask how many dogs are walking at the same time. If the walker carries several canids, it will be more complicated to keep an eye on ours continuously.

5. Sixth Sense

Often, our intuition and sixth sense tell us much more than anything else. By talking to the caregiver and observing their behavior we can evaluate their treatment of the animals. We will also know if you know veterinarians, if you know what to do if an emergency arises, if you know the first aid protocol, how you act if two dogs fight, if a dog breaks loose and runs off, or if it attacks a person. In short, our intuition will help us to know firsthand if the caregiver likes us or if there is something in it that gives us a bad spine.