The shower is more popular and more frequently installed in the modern bathroom. A shower or barrier-free shower is usually installed in conjunction with a shower drain. The use of a shower drain in a shower brings several advantages, here you can think of more design possibilities through the use of large format tiles, easy cleaning and a time-saving installation by a single-sided slope.

Time-Saving Installation

The traditional shower drain is usually placed in the middle of the shower, this is a four-sided gradient required. Creating such a slope is considerably more time-consuming, complicated and is only possible by using small tiles. When placing a shower drain, the gradient need only be made in one or two directions, which yields a considerable saving of time.

More Comfort. More Design.

The design is undoubtedly the most important aspect when building or renovating a bathroom. The bathroom is the perfect place to relax, you do this course preferably in an environment that also looks beautiful. A shower without barriers contributes absolutely at. The tiles can be easily placed throughout the bathroom and has no limitations on the size.

Bathroom Without Barriers

The shower has the great advantage that it is no longer necessary to enter or exit a bath or shower, so there are no barriers or dangerous footholds more. Formerly a shower was mainly used for people with mobility problems, the elderly or children. Today, a walk-in shower is a fantastic, future-proof addition to any bathroom.

Barrier-free showering starts with Easy Drain

Low Maintenance

A conventional shower with the traditional shower tray and shower, is often difficult to clean. This type of shower is often more difficult to reach corners and crevices where dirt can settle easily. A shower has opposite characteristics. This spacious room often has a minimalist design and contains few places where dirt can deposit up. Moreover, a walk-in shower with shower channel drains the water faster and more efficiently. This means less cleaning and more to enjoy!

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