How To Choose A Good Massager To Combat Back Pain?

If recurring back pains are part of your life, it’s time to choose a good massager to fight them. Massagers are a valid alternative for the treatment of back pain. However, which one to choose depends on each case. Find out about the different options.

The pains in the back are day by day, more and more frequent. The stress of everyday life is undoubtedly one of the triggers, but not the only one. Certain occupations demand such postures that the back pain becomes a constant insidious.

On the other hand, times are often not enough for you to schedule a massage session to relieve you. Given these circumstances, a massager is often presented as the best solution to combat back pain.

How Do Massagers Work On The Back?

Many of these devices put pressure on the contracted and painful muscles of the back. In this way, they can be relaxed, eliminating knots and contractures. However, some massagers act by vibration, while others do it by heat or combine both functions.

What Types Of Back Massagers Are Available In The Market?

At present, you will find a great diversity of massagers at your disposal. From the most rudimentary to some very sophisticated. Between both extremes, you are likely to find the one most appropriate for you. It will depend on factors such as:

  • Your kind of back pain.
  • Your occupation.
  • Your budget.

Features Of The Main Back Massagers:

Manual Massagers

  • These traditional massagers are extremely simple, however, they may be all you need, if your back pain is only occasional.
  • They act by pressure.
  • You can take them with you.
  • They have the advantage of being very economical

Electric Massagers

  • They are simpler to apply, since they require minimally your intervention.
  • Some also run on batteries.
  • You should be careful in its use, since if the pain is not due to muscular tension, the effect can be counterproductive.

Vibration Massagers

  • Vibration massagers, being electronic devices, have the advantage of allowing you greater intensity than manuals.
  • They are very relaxing and effective, if you use them properly and there are no other types of pain-causing injuries.
  • Stimulate circulation.
  • Its cost is variable, depending on the device you choose.

Thermal Massagers

This type of massagers is ideal for both low back pain and neck pain, since the massage function adds the application of cold and heat.

Shiatsu Massagers

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that is applied by digital pressure on certain strategic points, with the aim of improving the circulation of energy. It stands out for being very effective for treating back pain, among other ailments.

Back Shiatsu

  • They are portable.
  • You can add them to your usual chair or chair or to the seat of your car. The right choice for those who work long hours driving a vehicle.
  • They are cheaper than Shiatsu chairs and armchairs.

Shiatsu Chairs

  • Halfway between backrests and Shiatsu chairs, they are the best option if you work for many hours sitting in your home or office.
  • Its value is also intermediate between the two.

Shiatsu armchairs

  • They are the type of massager for the most sophisticated back pain that you can acquire.
  • Its price is high, but also many benefits. Smiley face

Massaging Pads

  • By their form, they will be useful to you if your back pain is located in the upper part, at the level of the cervical, as in the lower part, at the lumbar level.
  • They can be thermal.

Pressure Massagers

  • They can be electric or manual.
  • They do not reach intensities as important as those that act by vibration.
  • For the same reason, their use is safer, although in certain cases, they may not be as effective.

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