How To Wear Leggings -And Not Fail In The Attempt

Wearing leggings outside the gym or at home is more than allowed! This has been shown by the athleisure and its followers -such as Kendall Jener  and Gigi Hadid- who wear this garment to have a sporty chic style with a lot of attitude, but before this, to feel comfortable in their daily activities. However, the versatility of these pants makes it a good choice for the airport or even for work. You doubt it? Then read our decalogue to wear leggings and impose with your style wherever you are.

First of all. The most common mistakes -and you should avoid yes or yes- are the following: Although it seems like a simple task, you should measure yourself very well and choose your correct size, otherwise they could become the least flattering garment in you. Choose them in a high shot to cover your tummy, and in thick cloth to prevent your underwear from becoming transparent.

1.) Leggings For A Sophisticated Look: The best way to wear this garment at school, work, or even on a date, is to choose black leggings and coordinate them with a long garment, such as tunic, raincoat, coat, cape, or kimono . Complements with some platforms, sandals with heels or espadrilles, and mini bag, clutch or long earrings. You will achieve a comfortable and very chic outfit!

2.) Leggings For A Relaxed But Chic Look: For any fashionista, having some leggings of leatherette is a very good investment, because in addition to being very comfortable, they are perfect to achieve a unique dress and with a lot of attitude. A good way to dress it is with a closed maxi sweater and white tennis shoes , a perfect look for the airport or for a weekend. Complements with a maxi bag to give a feminine touch and super stylish.

3.) Leggings For An Edgy Look: If your thing is to shine and you have a very extroverted personality, then get leggings in vibrant colors, with prints or transparencies. Of course, try to balance your image using shirts, jackets and tennis smooth and neutral colors, to avoid falling into exaggeration.

4.) Leggings For A Sporty Chic Look: With the boom of exercise and good nutrition, this style also known as athleisure, has become one of the favorites of celebrities. The queen of the sporty chic? Gigi Hadid, who has an infinity of leggings, which combines with printed sweatshirts or bomber jackets. The ideal accessory for these looks is maxi lenses or mirrored frames, and white tennis.

5.) Leggings For A Chic Rocker Look: It is one of the easiest looks to achieve, because by wearing only a biker jacket or leather jacket with flaps, you will be the creditor of the sportiest and rocker chic look. Complement with some tennis or better yet, military black boots with cuts, or with ankle boots. Perfect to make a style statement!

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