How To Fill Out A Relapse Prevention Plan

To recover from addiction is not easy. According to Mary, a clinical psychologist who studies addictions, a large number of patients relapse due to stress, mental illness and association with old friends. A relapse prevention plan, however, helps those who recover from addiction by offering a list of coping strategies and prepares the individual for a potential relapse. By filling out a simple form, ex-addicts can resist the temptation and return to the path of clean living.


1 Obtain a blank relapse prevention plan sheet from a rehabilitation center, psychologist, or other addiction specialist. Usually, the sheet is provided before a patient leaves rehab or at the first outpatient support meeting.

2 List every five people who call when relapse is imminent. According to Dual Anonymous Recovery (DRA), a website dedicated to helping people with both addictions and mental illness, call those in an outpatient drug and alcohol abuse recovery group or a sponsor. If none of these options are available, list friends and relatives sober in a relapse prevention plan.

3 Think of five activities that can help you through temptation. According to DRA, sitting and obsessing about his desire for drugs or alcohol only makes things worse. A good relapse prevention plan includes distraction activities, such as taking long walks, which increase the likelihood that a person will not have a alcohol relapse.

4 List the warning signs of a relapse and call people in case it occurs. Sponsors, who recover from addiction, and friends and family, should be called when drugs or alcohol have been abused. After a relapse, brain storm forms cause one to occur in the future and include them in their relapse prevention plan.

Diagnostic Tests To Detect Sexually Transmitted Infections


Physical examination, and thorough medical history, plus one or more of the following blood tests in individuals 18 months of age or greater: Rapid HIV test completed on blood or saliva, ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) antibody blood test. If the test is positive for HIV, the more-accurate Western blot antibody blood test or an HIV nucleic acid test is performed to confirm a diagnosis. For infants under 18 months of age, an HIV nucleic acid test (viral load or HIV DNA PCR) is recommended.


Physical examination, including at home std test chlamydia examination in young women, and thorough medical history, plus laboratory analysis of cervical secretions or urine, to detect presence of C. trachomatis.


Physical examination, including pelvic exam in young women, and thorough medical history, plus laboratory testing of cervical, vaginal or penile secretions.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Physical examination, including pelvic exam in young women, and thorough medical history, plus one or more laboratory tests of cervical or vaginal secretions, ultrasound imaging exam. Severely ill patients may be hospitalized and given antibiotics intravenously.

Genital Warts / Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Physical examination, including pelvic exam in young women, and thorough medical history, plus a Pap smear. If the Pap smear is abnormal, colposcopy and cervical biopsy may be done.

Genital Herpes

Physical examination, including pelvic exam in young women, and thorough medical history, herpes virus blood test and culture.


Physical examination, including pelvic exam, and thorough medical history, plus one or more of the following blood tests: VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory) blood test or RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) blood test, (FTA-ABS) Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody- Absorption antibody blood test or (TPHA) T. pallidum hemagglutination assay, to confirm a positive finding on the VDRL or RPR test.

Get Tested For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Have you ever had unprotected sex ? Either with your stable partner, or in an occasional encounter (especially), having sex without any protection, exposes you to catching a sexually transmitted disease ( STD ).

So, if you ever took that risk, or at least you have some insecurity, today we want to tell you what are the steps that you must follow to get an over the counter STD test . Take note!

Why Is It Necessary To Get Tested?

Knowing if you have a sexually transmitted disease is not only important for your health, but for who can be your partner. In addition, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Keep in mind that not only vaginal sex is the only form of transmission, but it can also be oral sex, anal and even touch some infected surface.

In this way, getting STDs is easier than it looks. Worst of all is that the symptoms are very mild and subtle, and you may not realize that you are a carrier of any; Even HIV does not have symptoms at first. That is why it is always advisable to perform the disease test.

To make a test, you must take into account that it is you who must take the initiative: after all, it is your health that should care. While the results are private, you should seek some kind of emotional support from friends or relatives.

The Different Methods

Getting a test is very simple. You should only take a turn at a medical center, clinic, or public clinic.

It is recommended to do this test shortly after having sex, either for the first time or if it was the first time with your new partner. It is also a good idea to have this test at the annual health checkup.

But exams are not always the same. Among them are the Pap  , which is used for the detection of HPV and cervical cancer. It consists of extracting samples from the cervix using a broom or spatula.

The blood sample is used to detect HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and herpes. While the urine sample helps detect diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

On the other hand, the method of sample extraction can also be used inside the vagina, inserting a swab to collect the fluids, which will then be analyzed under a microscope.

And Then?

Whether positive or negative, what you should do is share that information with your partner: your health, your child’s health and the health of the couple are dependent.

If the results are positive, it is the doctor or nurse who will inform you of the measures to be taken, depending on the disease and the degree of it. Treatments vary between antibiotics (such as for chlamydia, for example); also vaccines, as is the case of gonorrhea, that doses of 250 mg of ceftriaxone should be applied. It is also a measure abstinence, which in the case of the diseases just mentioned, is one week.

It is never late to get a check-up, especially if it is a venereal disease. Not using protection, and therefore being able to catch it, is one of the common mistakes to avoid in couple sex . As well as it is also one of the cons if you have sex on the first date . Beware!

The Procedures Of Bariatric Surgical Operations

Mostly, these days’ people search for a way to lose weight and there are many ways to do it. One of the methods is by the Bariatric surgical operations. By this surgery anyone can lose weight but how? This will cause the stomach to restrict the amount of food intake by causing malabsorption. When the mal-absorption is caused the intake of nutrients becomes lower and sometimes even the gastric restriction is also caused. These days’ weight loss surgeries are done using the invasive techniques but the bariatric surgery is different. This specific surgery causes changes in the hormones.  The usual procedures related to this surgery are the gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, sleeve gastronomy etc. these surgeries have both pros and cons. If you want to get done of these surgeries you should make sure to check out the pros and cons. Let us read the article to learn further.

The Procedure Of The Surgery

The procedure of the surgery is simple to understand so we will describe it to you. First of all, the stomach is divided by creating a small pouch in the stomach with 30 milliliters based volume.  Once it is done a part of small intestine is connected to the stomach pouch by dividing the small intestine. The small intestine which is divided will be connected to the small intestine which is further down so the acids and enzymes and the first part of the small intestine will get along with the food. When you consider the gastric bypass it works with numerous mechanisms.

So as the stomach pouch is a newly treated on the amount of food intake will be very less basically, the amount of calorie intake will be reduced. As the stomach pouch is smaller the absorption rate will be less and the part of the small intestine which supports calorie absorption has been removed so the calories and nutrients absorption will be less. Due to the hormonal changes, the functions of hunger, satiety and some other functions are held under control.

The Pros Of The Surgery

There are many advantages in this surgery so let us check it out.

  • You will be able to enjoy the weight loss and it will be for the long-term.
  • You will be able to lose around 60-80 percent.
  • It restricts the food intake.
  • It may lead to energy expenditure.
  • The hormonal changes cause the appetite control and satiety enhancement.
  • Maintains the excess loss of weight.

So, when you have a doubt whether to consider this surgery or not you should think about the pros which you will be able to enjoy so you can make a proper decision.

The Cons Of The Surgery

Actually, for anything there are two sides so obviously for this surgery also there are two facets. So, as we checked the pros let us move to cons.

  • It is complex although we described it in a simple manner.
  • The rates can be higher.
  • It can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Best Ways To Finance Your Business

Finding the financing we need for our business has never been a simple task. Much less so now, in an economy that is experiencing poor growth and stagnating consumption more than prolonged. Framed in a context of global crisis, setting up a business and even finding the financing necessary to carry it out, is presented as an almost titanic task, with many uncertainties and very few certainties.

This is not to say that there is no way to find the funding that we are going to need. In fact the instruments are there, only that there is know how to find the one that best fits our needs and approach it in the right way. If we did a ranking of these instruments, ordered according to the possibilities that we will eventually be financed, we would find ourselves in a very similar scenario to that described below.

Request A Loan To The Bank

One of the idiosyncrasies of the business fabric, unlike other countries like the United Kingdom, is the high dependence of business on our banking system. Going to the bank to ask for a credit has become standard for more than 80% of small businesses, compared to slightly less than 50% that register their requests for credit in other countries.

In spite of this and in view of the difficulty that many businesses currently have to finance themselves in this way, go to our “friendly banking entity” if our business idea moves in a traditional area (trade, catering, services, etc.).

Exchange Of Services

The exchange of service or bartering involves reaching agreements with other companies in a relationship in which theoretically everyone wins. Although it is not a direct financing method, it is true that it helps to reduce fixed costs and can sometimes represent a very important saving for companies embarking on a relationship of this type.

On the negative side, dependency relationships are created and there is always the risk that one of the parties does not comply in the same way as the other its “part of the deal”, a situation that can lead to undesirable conflicts.

Negotiate An Advance

If we are lucky enough to find an important customer before even launching our product, we can negotiate with it an advance that allows us to finance the launch.

We count on clients who count on us for our image, the confidence they have in us, the quality we have shown on previous occasions, etc. is key so that some of the best can remain as clients for a long time, but may become a recurring way of financing our activities.

Startups Incubators & Accelerators

If our business model is assimilable to a startup philosophy (intensive use of technology, scalable, etc.) it is likely that the place where we are most interested in being at first is in an incubator or a business accelerator.

In the first will help us to translate our business idea into reality and in the second, we will have mentoring and probably external funding to be able to attack the market with certain guarantees.

Present The Project To Venture Capital Companies

If our company can prove that it is scalable and can generate profits in the short to medium term, it may be interesting to start knocking on the door of certain venture capital funds.

The positive part of doing so is that in reality, it is companies that are accustomed to risking and losing the investment because they actually know that if one of their bets goes well, the profit they will get in return will be huge. The downside is that many venture capital firms are more concerned about the profit they can get from the sale or divestment of a company than from the company itself, sometimes forcing the founders to make decisions that they do not really want drink.

Present The Project To A Local Business Angel

Presenting our project to a local business angel is very similar to doing it in front of a venture capital company. The main difference is that theoretically the angel investor has a social commitment to the community in which he finds himself. They are often successful entrepreneurs or investors looking for the development of entrepreneurs who are within their area of ​​influence.


Bootstrapping is a term from English that refers to starting something without resources or with very few resources. In the area of ​​business, then, it means to exercise some entrepreneurial activity with little or no capital, that is, to undertake only with the means available to them.

One of the biggest advantages of Bootstrapping is the risk, almost zero, since we will not owe anything to anyone and if we fail, we will not have lost too much, we can always try again.

Although it is a slow way   to start, it may be the only way for many entrepreneurs. Highlight that if you succeed you can get an inexpensive, high value experience that will often have repercussions on services, products offered and work capacity.

Conclusion: The business financing is important for your business. But if you have done growing your business well then the next important thing is equipment financing. In case any of the disaster came in your business then these insurance can help you alot. Check more information about equipment financing on their official website at

Getting Social Worker Jobs Melbourne

The main definition of the social work is to improve one’s life and do the voluntary tasks for the welfare of the society. Social workers are helpful in bringing positive changes in one’s life and helps them to cope up with the changing conditions of life and how to grown up with the negative aspects of the life. Social work deals in different areas and have different purpose for which they are designed.

If you are looking for a career with meaning, job satisfaction and you must have lot of options. One must work as social workers. Social workers are the workers who cares about the people, want to implement something new in one’s life, want to get rid the suffered people from the pain and do something good for the society. The reward of the social workers is not in terms of money but also in terms of self peace, self satisfaction.

Why Should I Select Social Work?

  • The first thing that needs to do the social work is that if someone changes the life of other, he must choose social worker as his/her profession.
  • Social workers feel proud on handling others life problems effectively and efficiently.
  • There will be more opportunities’ for growth in multiple areas. Social working is the fast growing area where research has shown that it will definitely grow in the next few decades by 25%.
  • Social worker jobs Melbourne are not only voluntary jobs but also paid jobs. It not only helpful in enhancing ones growth but also get good renumeration.they fulfills all the responsibilities of life. They are satisfied at both levels from the soul as well as the outer world.
  • Social workers are work according to their convenience; they work according to their own timing. They can go at any time in the suffered area to help the other people.
  • There are multiple selections available in choosing the job. One can do the social worker job according to their own interest. They doesn’t have professional. You are the only one candidate with whom they have to work.

Various types of the jobs that are associated with social work profession are:

  • Helping the three main categories of society like families, children and friends.
  • Doing social works with the school and college students.
  • Medical and public health social jobs.
  • You would be the manger, supervisor or administer of the social working company.
  • You become educator, researcher and political leaders.
  • One can work in public agencies, private hospitals, police, army and defense etc.

According to the one of the statistics, job assigned opportunities in this particular field is more than 595000.These workers are expert in their areas. They provide the best guide to us. Some social workers are educating how to understand the physiology of the human being. It will definitely enhance their knowledge to understand the nature of the human being. With the help of their study, they can educate the massive populations about harmful affects the diseases and how they get rid from these.

There is the bright future of the social workers, all the areas of the social working will definitely exceed in the near future.

Fire Guards: The One-Burner Accessory That You Cannot Do Without

If you have a natural fire in your home then you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere that only a real fire can produce. However, a fire is only a good feature of a home when it is safe to use, and the fixture you will need above all others is a good fire guard.

Some Of The Reasons Why Fire Guards Are So Important:

Keep Children And Pets In Bay

One thing you have to remember about a fire is that it can become very dangerous if you do not take proper care of yourself. Fires are great, but if you do not mind the right way, then you might discover at your own risk how dangerous it can be.

One of the biggest dangers comes when there are small children and pets at home. Children and animals are naturally curious, especially when they are around a fire. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take precautions to ensure that no accidents occur.

In addition to always supervising children around a fire, also make sure you have a strong protector in place. Fire guards can prevent them from getting too close to the fire, preventing accidents.

Protect From Stray Sparks

If you are burning logs in the fire, then you may find that stray sparks can occasionally fire. Although these are not typically dangerous, it is still a good idea to have some form of protection in the way of these sparks to prevent them from reaching your carpet, and fire guards can provide this for you.

Prevent Records From Moving

One of the biggest dangers of a fire is that the burning trunks can sometimes roll out of the fire pile and into the ground. If you have a carpet nearby then this might take light if you are not in the room so you have to prevent this from happening.

It is not always possible to monitor the fire all the time, so fire guards can be used to block the logs that come out of the fire before they reach the carpet. This is a simple yet effective way to prevent accidents that occur, and allow you to enjoy your fire more safely.


Natural wood or coal fires are a great feature of any home, but safety should always be taken very seriously. For that reason, be sure to use a fire extinguisher each time you fire your fire, and you will enjoy your fire even more. If you are thinking to hire fire services then we advice to visit Fast Guard Service Fire Watch Guards once. They are the best in this industry from years and have thousands of satisfied customers.

How To Create Quality Content That Will Like Search Engines

Below we will outline the basics of how to create and structure an article so that it is also interesting for large list and Google search engines. These are the most important factors according to which search engines judge whether the content is good or not. According to that, the article will be given a position.

The main rule is to learn how to structure articles to make them search engine friendly and at the same time interesting and readable for readers. Imagine this text without any structure – for example, if the article was written in one paragraph with one headline. Do you think that this unstructured article would interest you?

Take a look at the picture below. When I write an article and finish it, I always focus on getting an article at a glance. On the one hand, it looks much better than the article in the picture, but above all it is better read and it also favors search engines from other unstructured articles.

Do Not Create Long Paragraphs – Long paragraphs that are not separate are unclear, and it does not even look nice. I personally make paragraphs about 5 lines.

Do Not Write Long Sentences – Most visitors are bored if they have to go through lengthy and complicated sentences. Try to make the sentences unnecessary, be as gentle as possible.

Include Keywords – Keywords that you have previously selected, do not forget to include them in your own text. You can mark one or two keywords in bold so the search engine knows what topic to associate with the article. Do not overdo it because the over-optimized text is also not good and has similar results as the unoptimized.

The maximum keyword density for custom text is 3%. If you use Yoast SEO, then this tool will let you know how much your chosen keyword is showing.

Images – Always have an alternate caption filled in because the robot search engines can not read what’s in the picture. This is the alternative image label. Here, also, integrate your main keyword. It is not very good to pull photos from the free of charge photocopiers, since they have every other website.

Wikipedia And Other Links – From experience, I have proven that it is very valuable and exciting to add a link from  Wikipedia or another quality portal, for example, if you need to explain a new concept. Above all, keep this rule if it’s an ad article on another site. The article will look more natural than just advertising.

Content Length – Short articles in the search engine do not have much weight, the minimum length is 500 words, but the longer the article is, the better. On the other hand, everything at a rate, you do not want your readers to wake up to death.

Bold And Italic – Use word collapsing, jumping and italics . In bold type, please include keywords (up to 2-3 in content), but also the beginnings of the parts where you want the reader to engage, as all readers will usually go through the text first.

Use words or sentences in the case only in rare cases. On the one hand, thanks to these tips, the article looks better, but above all, these parameters take notice of the search engines and on the basis of that they evaluate what the topic is and whether the article is well structured.

Do Not Forget To Call To Action – If you want to make profits from Affiliate marketing or something else, you need to use Call to Action or call to action. It’s nice to have quality content, but if it does not convert some sales, it’s almost useless. Do not be afraid to insert links, buttons, banners or anything else into your text.

Try to create really good content for your readers, otherwise your visitors will leave and never return. Poor content on the internet is enough, be original and better than others, you will see results in time. I’m trying to do it myself. This article I wrote for two and a half hours to really have some value and to give you really good information.

Read full information about social media solo advertisement. You can simply go to this website at

How To Find The Best Basketball Courts Near Me – Useful Tips

There are a few sporting activities in the USA that are extremely popular. These includes baseball, American soccer and of course basketball. Basketball without any doubt is one of the most popular games and there are millions of supporters who spend lot of time, money and effort watching the game and doing whatever it takes to see their favorite team win. At the same time there are also scores of basketball enthusiasts who also harbor hopes and dreams of becoming good players of the game over a period of time. While this certainly is not an easy task, they certainly would like to make a beginning somewhere. Towards this objective, the first and foremost thing which they would like to do is to identify the right basketball courts near your location. They would like to practice the game regularly and this can be possible only if the courts are near their homes. It may not be feasible for them to travel dozens of miles to practice in some good basketball courts.

How To Find The Right Basketball Court

The internet without any doubt is the best way by which one can identify the right basketball courts near their homes. It takes only a few minutes to do it. Today with the best of GPRS technology being available, all that you have to do is to look for some application which can help you locate a suitable basketball court using Google Maps and other such tools. You may have to just type your ZIP code or mention the locality you are in. Within minutes you will be able to have a list of all the basketball courts which could be available within a specified radius of miles. You also can extend the radius if you are not able to find suitable courts within the first range which you select. You also will have the contact numbers and other details making it easy for you to get in touch with them and take the matter forward.

Things To Keep In Mind

When identifying these basketball courts that are located nearby, you must not pay attention to proximity alone. While this is important there are other attributes too which you must keep in mind. These include the facilities that are available, the fees which you might have to pay for using the facilities, the available of coaches and trainers to help you to learn the game and other such attributes.

Look To Move On To Better Courts

Once you have identified the right court you should not rest on your laurels alone. You must find out ways and means to move from one level to the next higher level. Towards this objective, the onus lies on you to improve your game and look for better courts with better facilities and with better trainers and coaches. This will help you to harness your skill and capability better and could catapult you to the big league of players. Hence at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that you must identify the right basketball court as soon as possible if you are passionate about the game.

The Functions of Waste Management Companies

Every day, our residential and commercial areas produce a lot of wastes. It is vital to consider a hygienic environment and the waste management companies play a huge role each day. A proper waste disposal is very critical and it needs to take place in the rural or urban areas frequently. If we do not consider waste management process, it may be dangerous to our family and the society as well. If waste management is not done on daily basis it can harm our livelihoods. All kinds of wastes such as damaged equipment materials, furniture, papers, home appliances etc can make an area unhealthy for habitation. Our environment can be largely affected by increase of dumped wastes. If we are to eliminate all kinds of wastes, it is vital to seek aid from waste disposal companies who are professionals in cheapest skip bin hire in Perth.

Fortunately, we have high standard waste management companies that are out there ready to provide all kinds of services. The benefit of employing waste disposal company is that they are highly trained in handling wastes so that people can have a healthy and clean environment. Below are functions of waste disposal companies in the world today:

Function #1: Protect & Preserve Our Environment

One major function of waste management/ disposal companies is that they are involved in protecting and preserving the environment. Our environment must always be clean so that future generations may also benefit as well. We have greenhouse gases and other chemical products that are released to the environment which causes pollution. To reduce pollution, these companies are considering recycling procedures. Majority of waste disposal companies do recycle plastics, glass, paper and this creates similar new products. This amounts to low energy consumption and thus preserving environmental resources.

Function #2: Ensure People Live In Healthy Environment

The second function of waste disposal companies is to ensure that individual co-exist in healthy environment. In instances where waste are never treated or disposed in correct manner then there is potential health alarm. The regions in which waste accumulate are breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria and this leads to ailments and other chronic diseases. Outbreak of diseases may occur due to poor waste disposal practices and thus the companies work to eliminate such waste right away.

Function #3:  Safe Waste Disposal Practices

The waste disposal companies also ensure that wastes are disposed in a safe manner. There are tools and equipment used in eliminating the waste from our environment. Safety is critical and top priority for these companies plus they adhere to set rules and regulations.

Definitely, it is  evident to know that waste disposal companies have a lot of things to do in order to ensure we live in a healthy environment at all times. They are involved in preservation of our environment; maintain human health; employ safety protocols in eliminating accumulated wastes and much more. If you are seeking waste disposal companies ensure that they are reliable in providing all above functions.