The Best Graphics Cards Of The Moment

The world of graphics cards changes a lot from month to month, including prices. To make it easier for you to find new hardware for your computer, we show you in this guide different options depending on the price you intend to spend, but always bearing in mind that what you want is to set up a team to play.

How To Choose Your Graphics Card

Before deciding on a card, you should consider some things:

  • By power / price ratio , the range of 150 to 250 euros is ideal. Above that point, little party you are going to get your euros unless you really want to have the best team of the moment.
  • If you want a card that lasts two or three years in ultra quality , you should opt for some in the range of 200 to 400 euros – according to the prices – and make sure you have a processor to accompany it, like a Core i7.

  • Since the graphics cards continuously lower prices, in the case of many players it is better to buy a 150 to 250 euros and change it in two to three years, depending on how demanding it is to play at high or ultra . This way you will also be able to always play the latest developments without any performance problems.
  • The prices I put are guidelines. The component market changes in price from one day to the next , and it is difficult to keep all items updated at all times. You can indicate any problem with them in the comments, or ask if you have doubts about whether it is a good buy some model that you have seen at a different price.

To properly compare the products in this guide and help you find the best evga and msi graphics cards, we have created a power rating, which takes into account various sections of the cards – bandwidth, textures speed, edge smoothing, power of raw processing, and others – , assigning a weight to each section as we believe it influences its power for games, in which the best of each section receives a score of 100. It may not be perfect, so we will retouching the scale to fit what they bring to gamers .

The links on each card will take you to the Nvidia reference card data, but here you can see a complete list of models in the tab of Related , with a breakdown of the price . What manufacturers usually modify in their versions regarding these reference cards are the clock frequency to give you a boost of performance, better cooling systems to raise frequencies, and others. If it arrives from factory it also increases the price – it is usually indicated in the name of the card as OC- .

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