The Whirlwinds of Web Design and Development

This week can be classified as nothing short of extraordinary. It was a whirlwind of meeting deadlines, designing on the fly, accommodating an entire company department head staff who knew exactly what they wanted, while finalizing and validating 20 pages photobooths melbourne for my internship project. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention E-commerce and Emerging Web Technologies? I put in over 40 hours for 2 clients, and I don’t even want to know how many hours I gave for homework.

At the end of the whirlwind lied a rainbow. I made my deadline for my new client 24 hours ahead of schedule, made a profit, and made a lot of people happy with my work I did for the week. It makes me want to believe that Web Development is my calling, and I made the right choice in careers. Even though I won’t be getting any credit from my new client, I will still be able to reach my required hours in my internship from my original client that I have been building a new website for.

I just completed finalizing pages for this client, and next week will be testing. From there it will be assisting the client in getting their domain transferred to the hosting service that I chose for them. Add invoicing and homework, and that will take up much of next week. I still have to find time to work on Competitive Analysis and Target Audiences for my new client. I think I had mentioned that I had to do my phases out of order in order to get the job.

Basically I am very happy with how the week went and how I am getting a taste of how a real web developer business is going to play out. That leads me to sending along advice for the week for those of you who managed to stay with me so far. My new client needed a website ASAP, and I accomplished that by being extremely accommodating. I had to actually design a website on the fly with no wire frames or even a concept.

When I presented it to the client, they saw quite a number of revisions, but it was workable. When I revised everything per their request, they were ecstatic, and they quickly approved the website. So I guess for all of you web developers that plan on going freelance, I would say to make sure you are accommodating, even if it puts you at a discomfort. It can pay off.

I end this blog by focusing on my fellow interns, and hoping that they all have similar success stories either this week, or coming up. I know that by reading your blogs, that many have not had success in finding internship work yet. To that I say keep plugging away and getting your name out there. Hit the pavement and don’t give up hope. For the interns currently working, I hope your dream job is realized.

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