How Many Types Of Kitchen Robots Are Available To Use?

You have to know what are the types of kitchen robots so you can choose the one that is most useful to you, this is very indispensable. That’s why I’m going to talk about the different types of kitchen robots most used everywhere.

These include food processors, the programmable pot , kneaders , Blenders and juicers standing .

What they are and what they can serve you, in addition to the different models that exist for each of these articles.

Food Processor

These robots are the ones that save you time, it is very easy to use them, just put the ingredients and the processor will cut, cut, heat, etc … so you can do other things while the processor works alone.

Due to its wide uses it is very successful in the kitchen robots that exist, among the most common are Thermomix , Mycook and Kenwood , however there are other brands that also have products of great quality.

The most common use given to food processors are: crush, chop and cut, not only because they get the ingredients with exact shapes, but if you want to prepare a cream or puree, the consistency is pleasing to the palate , even with dry ingredients.

With the food processors you can also mount the egg whites to the point of snow, you can even prepare whipped cream in a much shorter time than if you did it manually and with the same adequate consistency.

The ice jams and fresh or dried fruit are also often among the most common preparations can be obtained from this robot. In a matter of seconds you get sauces or vegetable pates. Some people even use them to knead because the dough is well aerated.

Programmable Pot

These pots come to be an evolution of the espress pots so used for many years, I believe that many of us were taught to cook in the espresso pots, however the programmable pot facilitates a lot of cooking in all kinds of recipes.

In them you can set the pressure at which the food should be cooked, as well as the time. This is your great quality that you no longer have to be watching the time that has elapsed to stop the cooking. Keep saving yourself a lot of time, even more so than with normal express.

Due to its structure, the baking is homogeneous, you do not have to bother turning the ingredients, just adding them, in case the recipe so requires. What works for me is to leave the pot scheduled before going to work, so when I return I only have the warm food, freshly cooked and ready to serve.

Another advantage of this robot is that they do not need gas to operate, but are connected directly to the electric current, so you can leave the house and set the cooking time without the fear that when you return home has burned whole.

They have a safety system that is activated in the event of an electric fault or an unusual temperature rise. The control panel is very easy to interpret, so you do not have to be an expert cook to use them.


There are recipes quite rich but we dare not do them because of the type of preparation and the most common are those that need to knead. We assume that not only is it time-consuming, but it requires a certain skill or professional knowledge to obtain a quality recipe.

Now with the kneaders that fear can be left aside, with this kitchen robot you can prepare many recipes in a short time, among them the delicious masses for pizza, muffins biscuits etc. If you like baking this kneader will be a great ally in your kitchen. To read more about kitchen robots you should visitĀ Also read how to clean food processors to use long time.

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